New Online Courses from MedBridge Education

Interested in manual therapy for the cervical spine, the osteopathic approach to the spine or cancer rehabilitation?  You might be interested to see the new courses that are available from our Silver Sponsor, MedBridge Education.  Check them out below:

Manual Therapy for the Cervical Spine: An Evidence Based Approach  Dr. Chad Cook’s course on the cervical spine covers manual therapy techniques from a research and evidence perspective. It is designed to provide examination, treatment and reassessment measures for orthopedic clinicians. The course examines current manual therapy approaches, literature associated with examination and treatment techniques involving manual therapy, and evidence regarding diagnostic accuracy of clinical special tests.  View course chapters and learning objectives
The Spine: An Osteopathic Approach Dr. Hartman will take you through this comprehensive course on the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. You will also learn techniques for soft-tissue work and palpation from an Osteopathic perspective. View course chapters and learning objectives
Cancer Rehabilitation  Participants will learn the latest therapeutic interventions for the patient with cancer, from diagnosis to recovery. Topics will include oncologic principles, diagnosis, treatment, surgical interventions, and outcomes. The course will also provide in-depth information on program development, including patient education, manual therapy techniques, exercise precautions – progression, and lymphedema risk reduction strategies. View course chapters and learning objectives