Reasoning our way through neural systems, MACP Study Day – 27 Oct – London, UK

This years MACP study day is a collection of international speakers discussing several topics related to neural systems.  It will also include poster presentations and and discussion panel with the speakers.

  • Toby Hall Keynote lecture: Nerve mobilisation; When do we do it and is it effective?
  • Alan Hough: Biomechanical studies of nerve dynamics. How ultrasound studies to date can inform clinical decisions and the future potential for this work.
  • Colette Ridehalgh: Is the response to neurodynamic mobilisations linked to specific groups characteristics in people with referred posterior leg pain.
  • Questions and Panel Discussion
  • Poster presentations
  • Keith Smart: Peripheral Neuropathic pain; mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment
  • Toby Hall, Colette Ridehalgh, Alan Hough, Keith Smart: Clinical reasoning and real cases.
  • Dr Rumi Peynovska: Hypnotherapy in clinical Practice; How a favourable state of mind can have a positive effect on any type of Rehabilitation.

Tutor: Various Speakers

Date: Saturday 27th October 2012

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £100 MACP members, £125 non-members

Venue: Brunei Gallery, Russell Square, London

Location: London

Contact Name: Terry Smith

Contact Phone: 01202 706161

Contact Email: [email protected]

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