Should we abandon cervical spine manipulation for mechanical neck pain? Vote Now!!

The BMJ has posted a poll and recent articles related to cervical manipulation and your opinion is needed.  Should we abandon cervical spine manipulation for mechanical neck pain? Benedict Wand and colleagues argue that the risks of cervical spine manipulation are not justified, but David Cassidy and colleagues think it is a valuable addition to patient care.

Read the YES argument

Read the NO argument

This is an important poll for physiotherapy practice and is being watched by the entire health care community so your vote is important.  Read what Kerry and others from IFOMPT say to help you make up your mind and place your vote in the “this weeks poll” section of the BMJ website (it’s on the left half way down the page).

The poll is looking likely to have one of the  highest rated rapid response ever in the BMJ, this is an amazing achievement for reason, science and Physiotherapy.

Sensorimotor Impairment in Neck Pain

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