‘Lend A Hand’ at Physiopedia

Lend A Hand at Physiopedia

Volunteering for Physiopedia is an amazing graduate opportunity, improves employability and will contribute to your continuing education and professional development.

Physiopedia has set itself a very ambitious task of providing universal access to physiotherapy knowledge. We are building the largest physiotherapy and physical therapy specific resource available, and we need your help!

There is always so much to do to at Physiopedia and we always welcome offers to contribute.  Help us to build this amazing resource that we hope it will become for our profession.

How will it benefit you?

Joining us on the team at Physiopedia is a great compliment to anyone’s daily work and also to your CV. From the experience you will gain new profession related knowledge and also advance your technical skills. This will contribute to your continuing education and professional development.  As a volunteer at Physiopedia you can know, and feel good about the fact, that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building this professional resource.

Current volunteer positions available

  • Article Editors – this involves editing existing articles to bring them up to a specified formatting standard. It will involve evaluating pages that have already been written and potentially editing small aspects to bring them up to ‘Article’ standard.
  • Media Managers – reviewing pages within Physiopedia for media content and adding video/images where appropriate.
  • Bloggers – writing journalistic pieces for Physiopedia to be published on Physiospot.  If you choose you can focus on your particular area of interest such as a clinical area, current affairs, technology education etc.
  • Fundraising Team – seeking appropriate funding sources such as grants.
  • Social Media Team – updates to social media sites including twitter, facebook, linkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Content Developers – we are always looking for people to build content on the site. If you would like some guided direction in doing this, this might be the position for you.

Graduate opportunities

Have you just graduated and are looking for your first physiotherapy or physical therapy job?  Are you still studying but are looking in increase your employability?  Well volunteering at Physiopedia can help you! How…..

  1. Profile page – once you have a Physiopedia editing account you will have your own profile page on the site.  Here you can add your CV, your previous and other related experience and offer a place for potential employers to read about you.
  2. Add to your CV – volunteering at Physiopedia is a great experience to add to your CV.  Employers have told us that this is just the kind of experience that they like to see in potential candidates to employ.
  3. Reference – following a successful voluntary position we will be happy to provide you with references for your current and potential employers.
  4. CE/CPD – volunteering at Physiopedia will contrinute to your continuing education and professional development.

How do I become a volunteer?

Get in touch!!  If you are interested in any of the above voluntary positions or have an idea for a voluntary position that we haven’t thought of simply email Rachael to express your interest.  Once Rachael has received an email from you she will get back in touch to work with you to come to an agreement on the voluntary tasks that you will do in the time that you have available.  Then away you go!  Rachael will provide you with all the instructions and support that you need.