FREE clinic management software for CSP members!

Did you know that the as a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) you can sign up to use ClinicServer’s Community Edition of their clinic management software for FREE!  It’s not been well promoted and it isn’t that obvious where to find out about it so we have had a quick look around and have all the information for you here.

ClinicServer is a Canadian-based company that provides clinic management software.  The first version of ClinicServer was deployed in 1998, making it among the first true Internet applications for physiotherapists in the world. ClinicServer is now widely used with physiotherapists and many other healthcare professional groups to manage their clinic more efficiently.  ClinicServer has teamed up with the CSP to provide their membership with a free secure cloud-based appointment diary. This free version is only available through ClinicServer’s Community Edition which has been specially designed to provide physiotherapists in the UK with the ability to increase efficiency and improve their clinic management.

This Community Edition is a secure, web-based clinic management software to manage all aspects of a clinic diary. It is not just managing time to see a patient, it is managing all things that are tied to that clinical visit including managing room bookings and client data. Once you have signed up for an account, which you can do very easily online the system is very easy to use.  You can add therapists, add rooms, add clients and then make appropriate bookings for one or more appointments at a time over a variety of locations.  The system is then able to send emails out to clients for example, for appointment reminders or email marketing.  The data has encrypted data transmission and is stored in securely offsite, all this plus routine backups will let you rest easy that your data is safe and secure.

Coming soon is the additional service offering, PencilThat. It is a powerful self-scheduler, that enables your clients to book and manage their appointments with you from any place, at any time. PencilThat is supported by their web-based software, so that you can also work to manage your business and client appointments at anytime, from any place…even if you have multiple locations and multiple service providers.  This new service is designed so you have full control of the appointments you want to have available for your patients to book on their own, on their own time. You also decide which patients you want to have access to this service by sending them an email invitation from your clinic.

If you don’t already have clinic management software this is the perfect opportunity to start using a system that is designed to simplify and store your clinic’s client data and an integrated appointment diary so you have more time to spend on important things like treating your patients and making your clinic grow! If you are looking for more capabilities from your clinica management software, such as invoicing, it is likely that this will be available from ClinicServer’s UK edition in the future.

UPDATE 9th Oct 2013 – this offer is no longer available.  However, ClinicServer is still a great clinic management software option and is worth taking a look at!