Online physiotherapy glossary from the WCPT

Supporting the Confederation’s policies and guidelines, the WCPT has launched an online glossary. It has been developed for the profession to aid international interpretation and promote a global consistency in terminology. Citing the importance of having an international glossary WCPT’s President, Marilyn Moffat, says “WCPT’s glossary is the first A-Z covering professional and educational issues, rather than practice interventions. To support the development and implementation of WCPT’s policies and guidelines a clear understanding of terminology internationally is important and this glossary is designed to facilitate that and promote consistency. We’re hopeful that this will be a valuable resource for the profession and one that will continue to grow over time”. With over 170 fully referenced terms the glossary is a significant tool for WCPT’s member organisations, regions, subgroups and individual physical therapists. WCPT is encouraging the wide use of these international terms. The glossary may be accessed as:

An annual review of this glossary will take place. Member organisations, regions and subgroups can suggest amendments and terms for inclusion in the glossary where they are internationally applicable. Please send suggestions and comments to [email protected].