Anatomy of an Athlete: Elite sport, surgery and medical art

The Hunterian Museum of The Royal College of Surgeons has teamed up with the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain to create an art exhibit that brings together sports and medicine.  New artworks were commissioned especially for the show that aims to profile the role that medicine, and particularly surgery, plays for the modern athlete.  If you’re in London anytime between now and the end of September, be sure to stop by.

Find out about the latest techniques in orthopaedic surgery, innovative developments in prosthetics and the importance of training to muscle development. World-leading medical artists Joanna Culley, Emily Evans, Richard Neave/Denise Smith and Catherine Sulzmann have used have used a variety of art-forms including watercolour, video and sculpture to represent a selection of sports and para-sports. Their art provides a unique opportunity to study in detail the best of British at running, hurdling, canoeing and hockey.

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