Introduction to Musculoskeletal Radiology Course – 14/15 May – Coventry/UK

An interactive 2 day course aimed at senior physiotherapists and new ESPs with limited or no radiology background and wanting to learn about requesting and basics of interpreting musculoskeletal imaging.

To include:

– Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Knee
– Requesting and looking at Xrays
– Requesting and looking at MRIs
– Case study based teaching, orientation, normal, normal variants, pathological images
– Lectures by experienced/specialised ESPs/ Consultant Physiotherapist

NB – this course does not replace your IRMER training locally

Tutor: MACP Tutors

Date: Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th May 2012

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £160 MACP members, £180 non-members

Venue: Coventry University

Location: Coventry, UK

Contact Name: Terry Smith

Contact Phone: 01202 706161

Contact Email: [email protected]

Web Link to Course:

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