Virtual exercise classes for individuals with COPD

Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are able to take part in physiotherapy in their own homes as part of a new video-conferencing trial in Scotland.  The trial sees small groups of patients matched up with a physiotherapist so they can support one another as they practice exercises at home.  It has developed from a scheme which started a year ago, in which exercise and education classes held at oneHospital were beamed live to another class at another hospital enabling one teacher to lead groups in two locations at the same time.  Patients taking part are equipped with a specially-designed phone with a screen.  They dial into a virtual room and they see me in the middle of their screen and the other four people in the group, all at once.  The project means that patients who might not otherwise be able to attend exercise classes can now do so to great benefit to their health.  Feedback from individuals involved so far has been very positive.

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