PhysioTools Online now includes more exercises

PhysioTools, who develop software for professionals to produce personalised exercise handouts, have announced the inclusion of General Exercises with 1244 drawings, photographs and videos into the PhysioTools Online annual subscription at no additional charge. General Exercises contains a variety of mobilising, stabilising, strengthening, stretching, aerobic, balance and motor control exercises for all major body parts and forms a solid base for healthcare and fitness professionals.

In addition, PhysioTools Online now includes regularly updated information in both Evidence Based Protocols and PT Extra, containing exercises specifically requested by users. PhysioTools works in co- operation with partners to provide free exercises; 255 Thera-Band, 143 Gymstick and 111 Kettle Bell exercises. Additional exercises can also be added to PhysioTools Online from the PhysioTools library of over 16,000 professional exercises. Due to its innovative design and cost effective pricing, PhysioTools Online is used by leading public and private healthcare organisations as well as hospitals, clinics, treatment centres and telephone triage services in 22 languages around the world.

The subscription also includes unlimited users and clients, so licences may be shared by multiple users in an organisation. Customers benefit from the freedom to use PhysioTools Online from anywhere with Internet access, so with nothing to install there are no IT support costs. Technical support, automatic program updates and tutorials are also included.  Customers can produce professionally designed exercise programmes with clear images, customised instructions and videos including their contact details and logo. PhysioTools Online also includes the ability to save, print and email exercises with videos. Users can create and share treatment protocols, customise existing exercises and add their own images and videos.  “Customers are delighted that the cost of the subscription now includes General Exercises as well as Evidence Based Protocols and free exercises. Feedback shows that customers are now getting more value than ever from PhysioTools Online” says Gail Milne, PhysioTools International Sales and Marketing Director.

This year PhysioTools celebrate being at the forefront of exercise software design for 25 years. PhysioTools pioneered the development of exercise prescription software and they remain the world’s favourite professional exercise provider.  PhysioTools are offering a free trial so users can try it for themselves. or email [email protected] to request your trial.