New Residency Project with The Jackson Clinics.

The Jackson Clinics, a Gold Physiopedia Sponsor, has just announced the new Project that they are running in Physiopedia for their Residents, The Jackson Clinics Residency Project.  The expectation for these projects is that they are extensive and a comprehensive review of all available literature on Resident Directed Community Service Learning.

Residents will:

  • Complete 32 hours of “Resident Directed Community Service Learning” which will be to create two articles for Physiopedia on a topic that has yet to be created, expand a stub article, and/or edit an existing article.
    • First Article: The resident will create one lower quarter disorder article during the first six months
    • Second Article: The resident will create/expand/edit an upper quarter disorder article during the last six months.
  • If 32 hours of “Resident Directed Community Service Learning” has not been reached with the two articles as described about, the resident is encouraged to create, expand, and/or edit existing physiopedia articles of their choice.
  • All articles should be highly referenced. They should be written at the level and profiency of a clinician at the fellowship level.

We are looking forward to collaborating with The Jackson Clinics and their Residents on this Project and hope that this may lead the way for collaborations with other Residency programmes in the USA.