Physiotherapy course at The University of East London to close.

The CSP has reported that university physiotherapy courses are set to close after NHS London named its ‘preferred providers’ for training physiotherapists and adult nurses.  Following the strategic health authority’s move to introduce a competitive tendering process for training providers, the University of East London (UEL) will no longer receive funding to run its physiotherapy programmes.  The overall number of university places for physiotherapy in the capital will be cut by 13 per cent. The cuts to adult nursing training places are much higher.

Health Education Institutes (HEIs) involved were told about the outcome of the tendering process on 16 January. The impact will be felt straight away with the changes due from the next academic year. CSP chief executive Phil Gray said he was deeply concerned. ‘NHS cuts are already affecting patients. The CSP is urging NHS London to maintain current numbers of student places so that there are enough qualified physiotherapists to meet the needs of Londoners now and in the future,’ he said, and he said the society was ‘deeply saddened that NHS London proposes to close the established physiotherapy courses at the University of East London’.

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