ACL pages in Physiopedia to get a boost!

Physiopedia Founding Director, Rachael Lowe, is a bit of an adventure athlete.  When she’s not climbing up rock faces, biking across hill and dale or running across high terrain, she’s summiting on snowy mountains and skiing back down them again.  Only this year…. she’ll be doing her ACL rehabilitation!!  Unfortunately for Rachael, in warming up for the ski season she took a slow innocuous fall and ‘pop’, it was a ride from the pisteurs into a whole new world of being a patient.

When you injure yourself do you research as much as you can on that injury to optimise your recovery?  Well that’s what  Rachael’s doing right now in relation to her recent ACL rupture and impending surgery!  She’ll will not be wasting the plethora of information that  she discovers and experience, she will be adding it all to the related pages in Physiopedia.  So look out for a boost in anything related to ACL injury, reconstruction and rehabilitation.  If you have any resources that might interest Rachael, she would love to hear from you!

“If you’re working as a physiotherapist and have never experienced the injuries or illnesses that you are treating your patients for, then know that you don’t fully understand what they are experiencing”.  That’s the first piece of advice that Rachael gives from the initial stages of her journey as a patient.  In treating the same kind of conditions day in and day out we can become quite accustomed to the journey that our patients are experiencing for the first time. Never forget your key attribute as a clinician, empathy!

Have you had an injury or experienced one of the conditions that we so frequently treat our patients for?  Why not add your knowledge to Physiopedia so that physiotherapists and patients globally can all benefit from your experience.  Your knowledge is invaluable!!