Looking Forward to 2012.

Since launching in January 2009 Physiopedia has moved from strength to strength.  In only three years we have created nearly 1000 articles through nearly 50,000 edits, and have had 2.7 million visits!!  Your contributions and engagement grew so much that when the site went down in December the only resolution was to move it to a virtual private server and set up a scalable hosting service that will cope with what ever the future might bring.  When we started out on this journey we never really envisaged that Physiopedia would achieve these participation numbers.  You have proven us wrong!  Physiopedia has proven itself to be a valued and credible resource for the physiotherapy community and beyond.  In response to this we have committed to making Physiopedia become the great resource that it has the potential to be and we only hope that it will continue to evolve to achieve it’s mission of providing universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.

Due to the voluntary efforts of all those involved in the management of Physiopedia development can be a bit stop and start, however we are looking forward to advancing Physiopedia in 2012.  There are many things that we have on our ever expanding ‘To Do List’ and accomplishing them all will be no mean feat!  However, with some hard work and with your help we hope to achieve as much as we can this year.  For starters with the help of our technical director, Tony Lowe, we will be embracing mobile technolog and hope to have our web apps and smartphone tools developed this year.  You can also look out for e-learning opportunities, further collaborations with educational institutions around the world and additional partnerships with more members of our community.  If the future of Physiopedia excites you and you would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I, Rachael, will be very pleased to discuss specific opportunities that suit you or your organisation.