The Buzz of World Physical Therapy Day!

For World Physical Therapy Day we created an entire new section on non-comunicable diseases.  In alignment with the United Nations summit on non-communicable disease we wanted to demonstrate the enormous contribution the we, the physiotherapy profession, can make in countering non-communicable diseases.  These pages in Physiopedia can be used to publicise our work, educate the public and policy makers about what we do, and try and ensure that people around the world benefit from our skills.  Many people do not recognise the contribution physiotherapists make in keeping people healthy and independent, so join us to let them know!!  These pages are still open for editing and we welcome continued contributions.

See the pages here:

In addition we joined in the World Physical Therapy buzz on twitter, we were:

Navigate back to September 8th on any of these hashtags to see what the profession was tweeting about on World Physical Therapy Day 2011.  I wonder what technology we will be using next year…?