It’s World Physical Therapy Day, join in!!

Today is World Physical Therapy Day and we are telling the world about the impact that physiotherapists can have on global health. In alignment with the United Nations summit on non-communicable disease we want to demonstrate the enormous contribution the we, the physiotherapy profession, can make in countering non-communicable diseases. Let’s all get together in Physiopedia to show the world how we can contribute.

Here’s how you can join in:

Following the international collaborative effort to create these pages in Physiopedia we can then use them to publicise our work, educate the public and policy makers about what we do, and try and ensure that people around the world benefit from our skills.  Many people do not recognise the contribution physiotherapists make in keeping people healthy and independent, so join us to let them know!!

On twitter let’s also:

  • tweet amongst ourselves using the hashtags #WPTD2011 #PhysioPT
  • tweet to the people of the world using the hashtags #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy

Let’s have a conversation, create a buzz, talk to the world!