Tips for educators engaging in a Project in Physiopedia

If you are an educator that is about to set about supporting a Project in Physiopedia here is my advice for making it all a bit easier for yourself.  My main recommendation for anyone supporting a student project in Physiopedia is to become familiar yourself with making edits to pages.  The best way to do this is by editing your own Profile page in Physiopedia to include links and images.  If you need help with any of this you can refer to the User Tutorials.

It is also worth becoming familiar with creating new pages, adding them as links to your Project page and adding a Templates to those new pages for the students to work from.

It is also useful for you to know how to add references and videos so that you can help students with these.  You can practice any of this in the Sandbox.

After editing your Profile page it is a good idea for you to create an Article in Physiopedia which you can direct your students to as a standard that you would like to see.  See the articles from the Texas State Project as an example of some great Articles, they even created their own images and videos!

Then before your students get to work on creating the Articles that you tasked them with it is beneficial to have a familiarisation session in a computer lab.  Use this session to go through editing their Profile pages and getting familiar with editing pages, just as you have done following the advice above.  These sessions have been proven to be very beneficial in several previous projects and is always something that the students ask for in their feedback.

If you and your students become familiar with editing Physiopedia in this way at the start of your Project the whole experience will become a much greater experience instead of a technological challenge!