Student Projects A Great Success!

The summer holidays are here, well in the Northern Hemisphere at least, and that means that it all goes quiet in Physiopedia for a few weeks. The students have finished all their projects giving us a chance to catch up with what they’ve been doing.

This year we have had six formal student projects:

The feedback that we get from these projects from both the students and their tutors is unanimously positive. It ticks a lot of boxes for Universities such as ‘developing clinical knowledge’, ‘using technology’, ‘e-learning’ and ‘developing professional skills’. The students enjoy the opportunity to do projects that persist beyond the classroom and provide a benefit to physiotherapists around the world.

Next year we are hoping to continue to work with our current partnerships and looking forward to new partnerships. We are looking forward to working with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh among other UK Universities and also with Otago University in New Zealand.

If you are interested in running a student project in Physiopedia don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we might develop a project to suit your requirements.

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