Students get Clinically Relevant apps for half price!

Did you know that students can buy all of the Clinically Relevant apps, that we have previously reviewed, at a 50% reduction. IOn first enquiry it can seem that these apps are a bit expensive, mostly because they compare them to the proliferation of $0.99 apps available in the App Store and Android Market. However, if you take the amount of information you are receiving and realize that for $130 USD (all 4 apps) you are getting information that in traditional textbooks and medium could easily cost 2-3 times that much, it doesn’t seem so expensive anymore. In addition, you don’t have to worry about having an outdated edition a couple years after you buy it. Now, throw in the 50% discount for students and now $65 is a real steal. The catch to this is that the contract is made between the academic institution and Apple directly (Clinically Relevant are not involved). The academic institution only has to buy a minimum to benefit from this deal. A number of institutions are already making use of this offer and buying these apps for their students.

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