Featured in August 2011

Each month we feature some our most valued contributions to Physiopedia in the preceding months. We are very grateful to all these contributors in August 2011.

Featured Project
Worldwide Physical Therapy Practice: a focus on Primary Care Physical Therapy
The goal of this project, led byDr Elaine Lonnemann, from the University of Saint Augustine is to increase the awareness of the current practice models in countries outside of the USA.  A very valuable contribution to an every more global community.

Featured Contributor
Osman Ahmed
Osman, as part of our peer review team, has provided a review of the previously featured case study Manual Therapy and Exercise Intervention in the Treatment of Shoulder and Neck Pain in a Patient with Mental Health Comorbidities: A Case Report. It’s a great start to our open peer reviewed research publications. Thanks Osman.

Featured Article
Syndesmotic Ankle Sprains
This month we wanted to highlight another page that was created by DPT students as part of a recent project at Texas State University, it is a great example of the use of evidence, images and video which were all produced by the students themselves.

Featured Research
The effectiveness of thoracic manipulations on shoulder pain: A Case Report
We are grateful toJill Robison for contributing this case report as part of her recent clinical experience and which lead to our first piece of published research in Physiopedia.

Featured Sponsor
Thanks to WebPT for becoming a Gold Sponsor. WebPT is a Web-Based electronic medical records system built specifically for rehabilitation professionals.