Evidence in Motion Fellows to start a new project in Physiopedia.

Fellows from Evidence in Motion, one of our Gold Sponsors, have created pages in Physiopedia before as part of their Fellowship programme.  This new project is led by Dan Rhon, another of our Gold Sponsors with his apps at Clinically Relevant, and is a more structured approach to creating evidence based articles surrounding a specific topic.

Fellows will be divided into 5 groups of 2-3 people to work together.  The expectation for these projects is that they are extensive and a comprehensive review of all available literature on each topic. They will be highly referenced and written at the level and profiency of a clinician at the fellowship level.  These are the five topics that the fellows will be working on:

  1. Mobilization Grades
  2. SINSS
  3. Spine Segmental Assessment
  4. Subjective Exam – Diagnostic Strength
  5. Visual & Palpatory Alignment Assessment

We hope that the fellows enjoy this project, we will certainly enjoy having them contribute to Physiopedia!  Read more about this project here.