Adding Links to Images

Although all images in Physiopedia are linked to a specific page containing information about that image, such as file name, size and most importantly a reference for the image, sometimes we might wish to add an external link to that image. Now, it is quite a complex piece of code so if you are not familiar with editing the wikitext I wouldn’t recommend that you attempt this, however if you feel confident editing the wikitext here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the page that you wish to add the image to
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click wikitext
  4. Add the following code where you want to place the image
    rect 0 0 206 134 []
    desc none
  5. Replace Physiopedia.jpg with the name of your image
    Replace 200px with the size that you want the image to be
    Replace rect 0 0 206 134 with the size of your image (this information can be found on your image’s upload page in Physiopedia – see example)
    Replace with the URL that you want to point the image at
  6. Click Save

You should now have your image inserted in the page with a link to the URL that you want it to point at!