Welcoming Clinically Relevant as a new Gold Sponsor.

Our readers know Physiopedia as an innovative project that supports the free dissemination of knowledge and collaboration within the global physiotherapy profession. Our sponsors know us as that, too. As thanks to our sponsors we like to introduce them to our readers and let them know a little more about who they are and what they do.  You too can say thanks to Clinically Relevant for making Physiopedia possible by tweeting them.

clinically relevantClinically Relevant Technologies is a small company formed by clinicians passionate about helping translate research into practice.  An important step is to make solutions that are clinically relevant and easy to access and use in a clinical setting. Often research does not get disseminated, or is disseminated slowly, which can lead to delays in implementation and changes in practice patterns.  The information can be overwhelming and keeping abreast of what is current can also become a daunting task.  Their goal is to create informative reference tools, that are clinically relevant, easy to access, updated often, that ultimately help improve quality delivery at the point of care (either diagnosis or treatment). Their current focus is on apps for mobile platforms (smart phones / tablets) for any clinician that sees patients with orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions.  They bring applications with clinically relevant content and application straight to the end-user via mobile platform.  Currently they offer evidence-based clinical decision tools for evaluation and diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology as well as comprehensive manual therapy tools and resources.  See these apps in action on the Clinically Relevant page in Physiopedia or visit their website.

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