New Open Access Directory in Physiopedia

Physiopedia is all for Open!  We talk about it quite frequently here on the Physiopedia blog: open research, open physio, open this open that.  The move towards free and open content has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years.  Open access allows information, including peer reviewed research,  to be available at no cost, to anyone who may not have access to that content in any other way.  Read more about the open access initiative here, although I would argue that inaccessible information is not limited to less resourced countries, those in well resourced developed western countries also find it difficult, economically, to gain access to published research.

To highlight where we can all gain access to this free evidence Physiopedia has a new directory listing in the Technology section which lists Open Access Journals and other sources of Open information.  If you have anything to add to these lists please feel free to add them or let us know about them so that we can add them!

See the directory here