Free Interviews with Some of the Leaders of Our Profession

Physiospot would like to welcome Sasha Sibree as a new guest author.   Sasha runs Physical Therapy Continuing Education.Org, an online educational resource for Physical Therapists which was formed to help bridge the gap between the latest research and clinical practice.  Sasha decided to start interviewing some of the top Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Experts in the world with the idea of receiving great clinical wisdom whilst also getting further insight into if their continuing education courses.

By using the internet, Sasha shares these interviews on his website as a regular podcast.  He offers a series of FREE audio interviews with Top Rehab Experts which can be listened to directly on the site, downloaded to your favorite portable media player, or even burned to a CD.  There are  some great interviews available for your listening, plus new ones are always being added.

Some of the current interviews include:

  • Stuart McGill
  • Stanley Paris
  • Brian Mulligan
  • Timothy Hewett
  • Gwendolen Jull
  • Timothy Flynn
  • David Butler
  • Plus many more….

The goal is to add at least one new interview to the website site per month and to alert you to these by posting information here on Physiospot.  To listen to or to download any or all of the interviews you will need to visit  Then enter your name and email address in the box on the right hand side of the page.

We hope you enjoy them and find them useful!