All for Open! New case reports published on Physiopedia.

Physiopedia believes strongly in open publishing and peer review of content to build knowledge.   However we have also taken this a step further by offering the opportunity to openly publish and peer review research.  This allows readers to access new research free of charge, without print or on-line journal subscription charges. The aim is to broaden opportunities for research findings to be widely disseminated and freely available to advance physiotherapy and physical therapy practice worldwide.

There are several benefits to this approach compared with that of the more traditional and closed publishing methods with which we are all familiar.  Open publishing offers the opportunity to:

  • make new research available quicker by avoiding the usual bureaucratic delay
  • support new researchers in highlighting their ideas as they work
  • publish student work that is otherwise filed away for no-one to read or use
  • allow open peer review without delay therefore reducing the time taken to implement new research into practice

See the two recent examples of openly published research on Physiopedia:

If you are interested in publishing your work in Physiopedia, you can read more here or email Rachael directly for more information.