Physiopedia Newsletter May 2011

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for Physiopedia.  Our team has expanded and we are making every effort we can to engage the global physiotherapy and physical therapy community in our mission to improve the availability of physiotherapy and physical therapy related knowledge and provide a unique and innovative opportunity for global collaboration for our profession.


World Physical Therapy 2011 is taking place in Amsterdam between 20-23 June and Physiopedia will be there in force!  This once every four years event is a great opportunity for us to meet many of our international editors, users and fans. Where will you find us:

  • We have a stand in the exhibition hall, just look for the blue hands! Here you will be able to meet the team, have a tour and demo of Physiopedia, ask us questions and give us any feedback or suggestions that you might have for us, after all this is a global collaborative effort by the profession for the profession.

There will also be several presentations related to Physiopedia at Congress so please do come along to learn a bit more about what Physiopedia is all about:

  • Physiopedia – An International Collaborative Project for the Physiotherapy Profession will be presented as a platform session by Rachael Lowe, Founder and Executive Director of Physiopedia.
  • Expanding the Physical Therapy Classroom Through the Use of an International Wiki is a poster presentation that will be given by Elaine Lonnemann.
  • The AGILE project: Using an international wiki to engage and develop clinical understanding and reasoning of physiotherapy with older people is another poster that will be presented by Bhanu Ramaswamy.

In addition Rachael will also be taking part in the discussion panel “Can new information technologies add value to physical therapy practice and outcomes? So come along and join us in what is likely to be a lively discussion!


Are you currently taking an extended break from work but would like a physiotherapy/physical therapy related project to keep you busy?  Maybe you are you a student about to finish term for the year, you might be on maternity or paternity leave, or maybe just taking a career break.  Why don’t you volunteer to help out at Physiopedia this summer?

The opportunity has arisen for volunteers to help with Physiopedia administration and development projects.  There are several opportunities available and tasks will be matched to meet volunteers interests and the time that they have available.  Volunteers will be fully supported and at the end of your voluntary time we are happy to provide references.  This is the kind of thing that looks great on a CV when you have taken a break from work!

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If you are interested to find out more please email Rachael.


We have had some great projects taking place in Physiopedia this Spring which have contributed some valuable content to the site. We are very grateful to everyone involved for their contributions and collaboration.

  • Students at Bellarmine University have been creating pages as part of their Pathophysiology of Complex Patient Problems project.
  • The AGILE project is now complete and a great contribution to the Older People/Geriatric section.
  • Students at Texas State University have been working on the second, spinal, phase of their evidence based practice project.
  • The project from the students at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is in it’s second phase and due to be completed in May.
  • Students from Temple University have completed some great pages for their evidence based practice project.
  • A group of students from University College Dublin have independently used Physiopedia to deliver their What Next? project.
  • Jill Robison from the university of Texas University has contributed a case report as part of some work completed whilst on clinical placement.

If you would like to find out more information about starting a project in Physiopedia please email Rachael.


The more people we can reach, the more successfully we will be able to succeed in our mission of improving the availability of physiotherapy and physical therapy related knowledge and providing a unique and innovative opportunity for the global collaboration of our entire profession. Please spread the word! Print and share this newsletter with colleagues on your clinic or department notice board.


There are many ways to keep in touch with what is going on in Physiopedia. Choose the one that suits you most!

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That’s all for now, we look forward hearing from you and meeting with you in the near future!

Rachael Lowe and The Physiopedia Team

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