CSP Members March for the Alternative

On Saturday 28th March hundreds of physios join national demo and say ‘Hands off our health service’. A cheer went up from the crowd as physiotherapists marched into Hyde Park on Saturday, holding CSP flags high above their heads. It was an impressive end to the TUC March for the Alternative – the biggest demonstration seen in Britain for years. More than 700 members, including those working outside the NHS, took part in what was the largest CSP turnout for more than 25 years. Fleets of coaches and crowded trains brought them into London, with members from Scotland, Wales and remote parts of England setting out as early as 3am.

They arrived into Hyde Park as CSP speaker Vicky Yeardley was addressing the rally on behalf of frontline health service workers. A record number of physios joined the half a million people who poured into London from around Britain to oppose cuts in public services, and especially to support the NHS. It was a message backed by a majority of the population, according to a YouGov poll published on Saturday showing that 52% of people in the UK backed the aims of the marchers.

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