The First PAP Mask Specifically for Males

Philips Respironics has unveiled a new nasal pillows positive air pressure (PAP) mask, the GoLife for Men, designed specifically to conform to a masculine face structure. The company is also planning to release the ladies version, GoLife for Women.

GoLife for Men was designed specifically to conform to the larger contours of the male face. Facial contour arms hug the cheeks, helping to provide comfort and a secure seal, even when moving during sleep. In fact, GoLife for Men is so stable, we’ve eliminated the need for a chin support band.  Using GoLife for Men is highly intuitive and as natural as possible. The pre-formed headgear and self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows may help to provide comfort and require minimal to no adjustments during regular use. A 360-degree swivel on the mask’s tubing further enhances both comfort and flexibility.  For simplicity, GoLife for Men has few parts and comes with all sizes—petite, small, medium, and large. It also offers easy one-step fitting thanks to a one-piece headgear and self-adjusting pillows. This means less time fitting the mask and may help provide more effective titrations and fewer callbacks.

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