Busy and Buzzing at CSM.

Wow! Is my initial reaction to my first visit to CSM.  With over 9000 registered attendees, a packed programme and a huge exhibition hall the place is absolutely buzzing.  There are some great sessions to choose from, most sessions are pretty full, some have standing room only and many sessions are full (larger rooms may need to be considered next year!).  The highlight from the sessions for me yesterday was seeing the virtual PT clinic from Ithaca College, a great resource was shared and the potential for this idea to be developed in a way to benefit the entire profession is huge.

The exhibition hall is somewhat overwhelming.  So much to see, so much to talk about that it’s difficult to know where to start!  The highlight in here, for me, has been Technopalooza, but that’s because I’m a techie!  It’s a great space in the centre of the hall where all kinds of technology related to physiotherapy practice is being demonstrated.  Telehealth, educational tools and resources, gaming, virtual reality, mobile apps and much more.

But, what I really like is the fact that there are so many small receptions and gatherings going on where people with a common interest are getting together to just be social.  This really is a great conference to network,meet and mingle and makes it well worth the effort of travelling ‘across the pond’.  I just wish that the jetlag wasn’t preventing me from making the most of this special feature of CSM.