Withings’ New Blood Pressure Cuff Interfaces With iOS Devices to Track Blood Pressure

Another day, another iPhone interfacing blood pressure monitor. Withings, previously known for its WiFi-enabled scale, has just announced a new blood pressure monitor and accompanying iOS app. When connected to any iDevice running iOS 3.0 or newer, the cuff will record the user’s blood pressure. The app calculates average values, tracks blood pressure over time, and can upload data to a number of online health databases, including Microsoft Health Vault and Google Health.

Simply connect the Withings monitor to your iOS device. The Withings application runs automatically and makes the measurement available with a single action. Detailed results are displayed, and the application will indicate the recommended values, using all the display qualities of the iOS device. All results are saved for a precise monitoring of your health. There’s no need to note down results, calculate averages and transmit them. The Withings monitor does all this for you. Automatically traced curves facilitate the detection of trends in the blink of an eye. Morning/evening values and subsequent average values are clearly displayed for effective monitoring.

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