Spine Team Texas Earns High Patient Satisfaction Score for Physical Therapy

Spine Team Texas, a medically-based, comprehensive spine center serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex achieved a significant improvement in patient satisfaction scores as ranked by their patients for their spine-focused physical therapy. The assessment of Spine Team Texas patient satisfaction is tabulated monthly by Press-Ganey® and Associates, a nationally recognized healthcare patient satisfaction survey company based in Indiana. Press-Ganey® provides the ability for the patient satisfaction feedback and survey results to be completed with anonymity to the patient. Spine Team Texas surveys patients from three different areas within their organization: the patient clinic, physical therapy, and ambulatory surgery center. Patient surveys are returned directly to Press-Ganey® for processing and utilized to rank and benchmark Spine Team Texas performance among some of the most prestigious, like-physician groups and specialists in the country, as well as in a seven state region. Press-Ganey® identified the increase in the patient satisfaction as statistically significant with a 3.1 mean score point increase from the previous month in the Spine Team Texas physical therapy department. The Spine Team Texas physical therapy department has consistently been ranked by patients in the 90th to 99th percentile, which translates to the fact that their patient satisfaction is better than 90-99% of those in other physical therapy departments throughout the country.

“I am excited to recognize your efforts, which have resulted in a statistically significant improvement for therapy at Spine Team Texas,” states Michael Schwab, Improvement Manager for Press-Ganey®. “Your hard work and dedication to quality improvement are evident in the increase in your medical practice patient satisfaction scores for overall satisfaction.”

According to Mark Hood, CEO of Spine Team Texas, the improved patient satisfaction scores are a result of the dedication each of the employees at Spine Team Texas demonstrates to uphold the mission set forth by the founders: “to deliver the best patient experience through clinical excellence and superior customer service”.

“We pay very close attention to our patient satisfaction surveys as a direct reflection of our performance and patient care,” says Hood, noting the neck and back pain center has been working with Press-Ganey® for the past 5 years. “Our team addresses all of the comments made in the surveys to improve our internal operations. Every change we make is to improve the care we deliver to our patients.”