Injured sportspersons’ brain to be mapped to boost performance

Just what is the exact state of mind or the brain wave pattern of sportspersons during their peak performance and bad performance? This was part of a challenging study undertaken by the Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP) on brain mapping in sports.  Now, the task of mapping the brain of an injured sportsperson will be taken up and via Alpha Matrix, a therapeutic plan will be taken up to treat the player and help him/her reach peak performance.

On Friday, Dr Ali Irani, IAP president, inaugurated the three-day 49th annual conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists with the theme, Teach, train and treat, the scientific way.  He said brain-mapping in sports is a new concept in the country and a lot of study has to be done on it. Irani said his team at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai has been conducting studies on sportspersons to know about their performance and help them improve.