New Certification for Healthcare Professionals Involved in Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation in the US

A new credential for Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Occupational Therapists who care for workers’ compensation patients is established in the US to certify professionals in these fields. This certification is the Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider or CWcHP.

Prior to the establishment of this certification, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Occupational Therapists who rehabilitate patients under their workers’ compensation were not required to meet specific standards in order to care for these patients. This certification and examination arose out of the need for therapists and trainers to show competency in the delivery of services to workers’ compensation patients. “This is a giant step in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy and workers’ compensation. It has quality of care, legal and third party reimbursement consequences.” Comments Dr. John Mayer, a nationally acclaimed therapist and author. To become a CWcHP, applicants must be in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training or occupational therapy and they must pass the certification examination, entitled The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach. The examination covers three areas of competency: clinical issues, legal issues and employer based knowledge. The test took two years to develop and utilizes the knowledge of leading physical therapy providers as well as state-of-the-art research in this field. After passing the examination a professional can use the initials, CWcHP™ after his/her name and on promotional materials. “This certification holds healthcare providers to a higher standard as well as advances their careers as distinguished providers of excellence,” explains Andrew Teunis, Director of Development at ISPA™ and the test’s chief developer. Complete information on the new certification and the exam can be found on the certifying association’s web site:

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