Aspiration Control System for Treating Collapsed Lung

The initial treatment for spontaneous pneumothorax is a placement of a small-bore IV or pigtail catheter into the chest in the 2nd intercostal space at the mid-clavicular line, followed by aspiration of air from the pleural space. When up to 4 liters of air in adults are removed, the lung should re-expand itself. Cambridge Consultants think they can make this old process a little more intelligent by optimizing the pressure and flow rate of the aspiration process, and providing necessary data. The company claims that its new device, dubbed Breatheâ„¢, can measure the volume of aspirant and control the negative pressure and flow rate. They hope their technology will give physicians a better idea of the dynamics happening while they work the syringe. Cambridge Consultants is looking for partners to help commercialize the device.

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Knee Assessment and Hip Mechanics

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