GOUT in the Primary Care Setting – A Free CE Activity with Patient Videos

‘Managing Gout in the Primary Care Setting: What You and Your Patients Need to Know’ is an official and free CPD/CE activity from the The American Journal of Medicine.

In light of the fact that 70% of gout patients are managed in a primary care office setting, it is critical that healthcare professionals understand how to diagnose, manage, and effectively communicate with their patients about the disease and the importance of appropriate management. It is the aim of this CE/CPD activity to provide information that will assist health care providers to overcome obstacles and improve clinical outcomes for their patients with gout. Specifically, information will be provided on differential diagnosis, when and how to treat (including recognizing conditions that will promote or indicate progression), the proper use of existing medications to treat acute and chronic gout, how to communicate with and educate patients to maximize patient adherence, promote lifestyle changes and effective monitoring, and recent advances in the understanding of gout and its treatment.

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