Keep on Crutchin’

It happens every day, the crutches thrown in the closet after the broken leg (caused by that gnarly jump on your BMX) healed when you were 12 are needed again in your 30s (caused by that embarrassing wipeout in the packaged meat section of the grocery).  However, those so-called “adjustable” crutches don’t get tall enough and the rubber cushions have severely degraded. As always, Yanko Designs points out a solution with Lifelong Crutches. Complete with lifelong height adjustment capability and replaceable pads, the crutches also fold at the center for easy storage and have a circular bottom to combat the zany crutch-bottom-stuck-in-sewer-grate phenomenon that seems to occur mostly in romantic comedies.

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Introduction to the Shoulder

Develop a good knowledge of shoulder structure and function, epidemiology and age-related changes with this first in a series of online courses on the shoulder.

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