What’s new in spinal treatment

Feeling like the world of spinal devices is moving too fast to keep up? The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JB&JS) feels your pain and has published a free, easily readable primer on recent developments in spine surgery. They cover what devices are currently approved in the US and what evidence exists for use. Topics include:

  • What’s New in the Treatment of the Cervical Spine
  • What’s New in Biologic Topics Related to the Spine
  • What’s New in Spinal Deformity Surgery
  • What’s New in Spinal Cord Injury
  • What’s New in the Treatment of the Lumbar Spine
  • Evidence-Based Orthopaedics
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events Related to Spine Surgery
  • Also, a helpful summary of relevant peer-reviewed studies is provided at the end of the article if you want to get a sense of the source literature.

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