Physiotherapists and exercise professionals set up joint working party

The CSP and the Fitness Industry Association have agreed a timetable to improve ways of working together for patients’ benefit.  A new joint working party will spend the next 12 months producing referral guidance and reviewing issues of ‘mutual concern.’

Traditionally, physiotherapists have worked predominantly in functional rehabilitation in the health sector, whereas fitness instructors have helped healthy clients work towards specific fitness goals.  But developments in recent years have seen greater cross-over of roles. Last year, the two organisations announced they would collaborate formally.  CSP professional advisor Helen Bristow, who is a member of the joint working party, said: ‘We hope to produce straightforward guidance to steer our members and fitness instructors as to when best to refer to each other’.

There will also be new advice for general practitioners and other health professionals on appropriate referral to physiotherapists and fitness professionals. Helen Bristow said the collaboration was ‘exciting.’  She said: ‘We know of physiotherapists and fitness instructors who’ve fostered excellent local working relationships for their patients’ benefit and we hope that the guidelines being drawn up will support others to work collaboratively and effectively between their sectors and in emerging health and well-being roles throughout the UK, as well as provide clarity for referrers.’