New private university in the UK ‘to offer physiotherapy training’

People looking to train for UK medical jobs may find that the newest private university college in Britain could offer the course for them.  London-based BPP will become the first new private university college in the UK for more than 30 years and the establishment intends to expand the range of courses it offers.  Currently, BPP students can complete law and business degrees through the university college, however, it plans to set up a school of healthcare.

This branch of the educational establishment will offer courses in areas such as physiotherapy, nursing and radiography, among others.  Universities minister David Willetts commented that allowing private universities to open alongside traditional higher education services will help “to create a dynamic and flexible degree system”.  Meanwhile, people who already have a relevant undergraduate degree can opt for an accelerated programme in the discipline which are usually offered to masters level and allow students to qualify as chartered physiotherapists.

wheelchair training for physiotherapists and physical therapists

Wheelchair Service Provision

Learn basic theoretical understanding of wheelchair mobility and develop an understanding of the theoretical principles, skills and knowledge underlying the skills and knowledge in the management of wheelchair service delivery.


Jill Wigmore-welsh

Will BPP be running Physio courses and expecting the student course fees to be paid by the government ? I understood that there were big cuts made to the number of Physio undergrad places at unis this year which are state funded.
If BPP charges does this open up a whole new kind of private Physio training system ?
If so it will be interesting to see what their prospectus and training in Physiotherapy includes.
Taking account that so much current Physio training is geared up to NHS practice this could be very exciting for the profession and enable much more hands on to be included in the courses.

Rachael Lowe

I agree Jill, it would be a very interesting development for the profession. I have just spoken to the press office at BPP and they say that having gained university status last week they are now looking at offering healthcare and teaching courses but are not, at this stage specific about exactly what courses they will run or how it will work. Watch this space!

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