Help the CSP to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of physiotherapy

If you can demonstrate the cost effectiveness of physiotherapy then the CSP needs your help.  The UK Government is asking for ideas for efficiency savings that could be made in the public sector. This is a real opportunity for us to promote the physiotherapy profession by clearly demonstrating its value to patients and cost effectiveness to the NHS.  If you have good examples of effective physiotherapy interventions from your own experience you can send these ideas in to the consultation.

It’s quite straight-forward and you can do this in two ways:

  1. submit your own example or comment on ideas that other people have submitted. See more about this on the website
  2. alternatively, the Government is working with Facebook to generate further discussion and ideas through the Democracy UK pages on the site – if you are a facebook user, you can find the page by typing Democracy UK into the search box and posting your comment to the wall.