Publish Research in Physiopedia

Physiopedia now offers an open opportunity for you to publish your research.

The open and collaborative nature of Physiopedia offers an ideal opportunity for the publication of physiotherapy and physical therapy research, including work that might otherwise not get published.  We are happy for you to publish your original research in Physiopedia, include a summary of your research prior to publication in a peer reviewed journal or to publish your student dissertation.

This is a great way of publicising student work, supporting new researchers and bridging the gap between completing research and publication. We welcome all types of research to be published in Physiopedia including randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and case studies.

As a wiki which can be edited by physiotherapists and physical therapists from all over the world, Physiopedia lends itself as a good solution to open peer review of research.  Each piece of research in Physiopedia has it’s own page, at the bottom of this page is a section for Physiopedia users to make comments and discuss the research.

Things to do in the new research section of Physiopedia:

Read Research in Physiopedia

The research section in Physiopedia is similar to that seen on journal websites to maintain a recognisable format.  When research is added it will be included under the year/date at the time of inclusion.

See the Physiopedia Research – Table of Contents

Submit Research to Physiopedia

There are two ways in which you can add your research to Physiopedia:

All submissions should be submitted in the requested format. See submission guidelines.

Peer Review Research in Physiopedia

To review a piece of research that has been published in Physiopedia you should: go to the page for the piece of research that you wish to review, find the review section at the bottom of this page and add your comments as new bullets points in this section.  All we ask is that when you make comments on other peoples research please respect their work and only provide critical reviews that are constructive.  The review section of each research article will be moderated by our quality assurance and peer review team.

See how to peer review an article

If you would like to join the Physiopedia research peer review team, let us know.

We hope that this new feature offers an great opportunity to publish all types of physiotherapy and physical therapy research and that the community will collaborate to peer review the published research.