Wondering what to do in Physiopedia?

Once you have had your Physiopedia account activated you might be left wondering what to do?  As you will have noticed, having an account in Physiopedia does not give you access to any more materials or information.  That is because Physiopedia is an Open Educational Resource giving free access to all the information on the site to anyone that is interested enough to have a read.  However, as a registered user what you do gain is the opportunity to edit pages on the site.  The idea being that if we all contribute a little (or a lot!) of our knowledge to the site, between us we will create an invaluable and constantly evolving resource for the physiotherapy and physical therapy profession.  This international collaboration will contribute to a global understanding within the profession and also the promotion of our profession to clients and colleagues within health care.

So what should you do now?

  1. Create your profile
  2. Edit an existing page
  3. Create a requested page
  4. Create a new page

If you need help have a look at our help tutorials which will guide you through any of the above actions, plus many more!

If your wondering why you should become involved in this project and spend your valuable time creating resources for other people, take a little look at these reasons:

  • It is a great CPD activity that can contribute to your CPD portfolio.
  • By researching the topic and creating pages, you will learn and develop your own knowledge.
  • Feel good by knowing that you will be helping someone else to learn and develop their knowledge.
  • Know that you will contribute to a global knowledge base and understanding.
  • Build an on-0line profile.  The more you contribute to Physiopedia the more links there will be to your profile, which can contain links to your research, work and business.