Efficiency of physiotherapists ‘increased by digital equipment’

The use of digital pens and paper by people with physiotherapy jobs at Rotherham Community Health Services (UK) has resulted in increases in efficiency. According to the organisation, productivity gains of 35 per cent have been made. NHS Rotherham, which provides services to more than 250,000 people in the local area, deployed an Ubisys system that uses Anoto digital technology.

Physiotherapist Paul Chapman, who is also the clinical lead for information technology, noted that in his centre, he has to treat patients while also recording a lot of information. The development has helped considerably, he added. Mr Chapman went on to state: “It has given me back more time to treat the patient.” According to the expert, the trust hopes to take the integration to the “next level” in order to maximise its return and provide workers with even more time to deal with patients, rather than filling out paperwork.