MET-Rx Cervical Spine – London – 19/20 June

This course is designed to introduce the muscle energy system in evaluation of cervical spine and thoracic outlet. It will also include testing of cervical ligaments, segmental testing of the cervical spine, muscle energy diagnosis and treatment. It will also include evaluation and treatment of the upper thoracic region along with evaluation and treatment of the structures contributing to thoracic outlet syndrome and upper extremity radiculopathy. At the conclusion of this course, the physiotherapist will be able to examine and treat cervical and upper thoracic dysfunction as well as thoracic outlet type problems. This course emphasises a ‘hands-on’ approach as well as self-mobilisation and home exercise programs. Presented by Darren Higgins MSCP

Tutor: Darren Higgins MSCP

Date: 19/06/2010-20/06/2010

Duration: 2 Days (16 hr)

Cost: APPI Member £207, Non-APPI Member £230

Venue: APPI, Kilburn, North West London

Location: London, UK

Contact Name: APPI

Contact Phone: 0207 372 3606

Contact Email: [email protected]

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