Clinical Reasoning in soft Tissue Repair: Using the Evidence to Maximise Recovery using Manual Therapy, Exercise & Electrotherapy

This 1 day masterclass course with Tim Watson is a rare opportunity to hear the latest research on tissue healing in response to commonly used modalities within rehabilitation. The rationale for optimising soft tissue repair using manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise is covered in depth. This is structured so participants can immediately apply the knowledge within a clinical scenario and optimise soft tissue healing in their patients. The day is lecture based but plenty of opportunity for questions. The course is limited to the capacity of the lecture theatre / room. Initially Tim will review bioelectrics within tissues and how knowledge this is vital to understand how and why healing occus but also to understand why sometimes it fails. The healing process is then reviewed to contextualise evidence in relation to the specific modalities of manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise. Each of these is discussed and applied to clinical practice to help participants understand how the material will apply to them and their patients. To date the reviews for this course have been directed towards how the knowledge shared has not been heard before and will enhace their management of patients.

Tutor: Tim Watson

Date: 17th April 2010

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £125

Venue: The North East Clinic

Location: Newcastle

Contact Name: Christine Bailey

Contact Phone: 0845 652 0845

Contact Email: [email protected]

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