NLP for Health Professionals: The Art of Effective Communication Evening Workshop Series

This exciting new course will help you to communicate most effectively both with your patients and your colleagues. Interacting in a healthcare setting currently presents daily challenges to both therapists and patients. Building rapport and trust during therapeutic encounters is a powerful tool for facilitating positive change. Whilst occasionally this might be effortless, other times different factors combine and it may be more difficult. If you have experienced this, you will be interested in what these workshops have to offer you. Through an interactive hands on style you will learn a variety of verbal and non verbal communiation techniques. Some of these incorporate skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The new skills can then be used to accelerate your effectivenes when communicating with patients and other staff, especially on those more difficult occassions. After this workshop you will be able to identify and act on a wealth of non verbal and verbal cues, some of which you probably didn’t know even existed. The net result of which will give you a greater insight into your patients and, through building rapport rapidly, you will have the ability to maximise the potential of any therapeutic encounter. Whilst each person will come with their own reasons for attending, the following details the broad aims of the workshops. Consider each and especially which of these appeals to you most, then consider the objectives below to further identify how you will benefit from attending: 1. To improve the therapeutic relationship 2. To be able to discover, using simple techniques, what a patient isn’t telling you about their condition 3. To build rapport rapidly with a patient 4. To maximise patient understanding of any explanations you might offer regarding their condition or their management strategies e.g. exercises 5. To increase a patient’s motivation to practise their exercises regularly If you want to improve your communication skills through some fantastic techniques then come along. The workshop will consist of short lectures, plenty of group discussion and interactive practical exercises. Participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 20.

Tutor: Gill Harvey-Bush

Date: 13th & 20th April 2010

Duration: 2 evenings

Cost: £75

Venue: St. Thomas’ Hospital

Location: London

Contact Name: Christine Bailey

Contact Phone: 0845 652 0845

Contact Email: [email protected]

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