Blog for the Winter Paralympic Games

The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia in Canada has been experimenting with blogging over the recent  Winter Olympics.  They published lots of interesting stories of their physios involvement as volunteers at the Games.  Now that the Winter Paralympic Games are starting they are at it again.

The idea for the blog started after reading about the BC Sport Physio volunteers in PABC’s current newsletter Directions. This is what Suzanne, who is responsible for the blog, has to say about how it came about.

“I immediately asked Rebecca (our CEO) if there were any plans in the works for a blog or other social media that would enable our member volunteers to share their stories and experiences of the Vancouver games.  As it turned out many of us were thinking the same thoughts, but nothing  official was in place. Being the new “kid’ on the team, and the one with “Technology Lead” in her job title, I set out to “bring it on”! What an exciting opportunity, but we had to move quickly.

First, we had to clear things with the folks who are putting on the big show.  VANOC, as many of you may have noticed, has some pretty strong opinions about, well, just about everything.  According to VANOC’s volunteer manual,  what can and cannot be blogged, photographed, videotaped, and shared is a little restrictive. Let’s say there will be no heroic YouTube videos of physios treating an injured medalist  (on this blog anyhow). That said, there are still lots of great stories to be told. So starting right now let’s begin the conversation!”

This ‘experiment’ is a great exploration into the use of Social Media amongst physiotherapists throughout an event.  If you are not directly involved in the games, but are interested in posting, feel free to stretch things a bit. This blog can also be a conversion about sport physiotherapy, athleticism, and Olympics in general.

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