New NHS dementia awareness campaign launched

The Department of Health and the Alzheimer’s Society have teamed up to launch a campaign aimed at increasing understanding of dementia. A NEW tool has been launched in a bid to tackle poor dementia care in hospitals.  The “This is Me” leaflet gives healthcare professionals a snapshot of the person behind the dementia. It can be filled by the patient or their carers and given to staff on admission to hospital.

Research shows that too often people fear dementia and this causes them to avoid people with the condition, making them feel isolated and stigmatised.  The new ‘Living Well’ campaign employs real people with dementia who declare ‘I have dementia – I also have a life’ to educate the public about the condition and demonstrate the simple things everyone can do to help people live well with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society, which developed the initiative, said it is vital for person-centred dementia care and will help hospital staff respond to individual needs and concerns.  The society also hopes This is Me will help hospital staff respond to – or even prevent – challenging behaviour, which people with dementia often exhibit in distressing and confusing surroundings.