Help us to help Haiti

Each month we will focus on an area of physiotherapy that is pertinent to current affairs.  During this time we hope that the physiotherapy and physical therapy communities will collaborate within Physiopedia to help those that they otherwise might not be able to help.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, this month for our first world focus, we are aiming our attention on Amputees.  The Haiti earthquake, which is thought to have killed up to 200,000 people, is also estimated to have injured 250,000 more and the number of injuries is increasing steadily. Although no precise figures are available, it is evident that the need is very high and among them about 1/3 will potentially develop secondary disabilities. The lack of professional Physical Therapy in Haiti does not allow proper rehabilitation. One of the biggest needs right now is going to be physiotherapy, in terms of being able to learn to walk again after amputations, after crush injuries and
artificial limb fitting will be needed in Haiti on a massive scale.  The country’s lack of healthcare infrastructure means this disability rehabilitation will be difficult to provide.

We appeal to you to share your knowledge on the clinical speciality of amputees and more specifically amputee rehabilitation and prosthetics to build a resource within Physiopedia that the public and health professionals in Haiti can refer to to help each other.

Help us to help Haiti by contributing to the Amputee pages….